Internship at QAdvis

We are happy to welcome Sneha Bangalore to QAdvis. Sneha has been hired via Jobbsprånget as an intern and will be a part of our teams in both Stockholm and Lund. She has recently finished her master’s degree in applied biotechnology from Uppsala University. During her master she has among other things studied molecular biotechnology, immunotechnology, nanobiotechnology, biosensors and microfluids. Sneha will support us in various projects. She has experience in testing and analysing,for example in microbiology and molecular biotechnology laboratory techniques including bioassays ELISA, SDS-PAGE, DNA studies and biosensor projects.

Sneha Bangalore:
“I am really happy about this internship and I look forward to get an introduction to Quality and Regulatory consulting within medical and in-vitro diagnostic medical devices. This opportunity will broaden my understanding in quality management systems and give insights into Swedish work culture. I am grateful for the amazing mentors and very understanding work environment at QAdvis”