Software Quality Assurance

We can support you with a state-of-the-art quality assurance, which is expected in regulated environments. We have experts that can create strategies and plans, set up tool support needed and do the actual work.

  • Requirements management and traceability, to architecture, Risk Analyses and verification.
    – We setup an IEC62304 compliant requirements database for you in Sharepoint or other suitable tools.
  • Implementation of low-level testing.
    – We can help you setup static analyser tools like Resharper, Findbugs, FxCop, etc, with appropriate coding rules.
  • We can review your test strategies and can help you achieve compliance with IEC 62304  with a minimal process overhead.
    – Customized standard procedures, work instructions and templates
    – Requirement based testing
    – Exploratory testing

    In addition to compliance, you gain quality for your products with minimum extra effort. The authorities world-wide are asking more and more for the records from these activities, and the future standards will be more explicit on the expectations.

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Robert Ginsberg
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