Finally, summer vacation!

During the late spring, the time for summer and for vacation can feel far away. But one thing is certain, it will always arrive and finally, now is the time to wrap up the first 6 months with a few words.

The medical device industry has been home to some of the most revolutionary innovations of humankind. Innovations have been a cornerstone for the advances in global health and there is a never-ending increase indemand for new medical devices.

During the past years, there has been some major trends attributed to the transformation of the medical device industry. As consultants we see an increased need for support with regards to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), health apps, journal handling systems, wearable fitness medical devices, cybersecurity and more. New products are booming in the market, that hardly even existed ten years ago. AI and ML are becoming more common and continue to enable healthcare providers to detect or predict diseases, as well as enhance more personalized care for the patients.

Advanced technologies and the complexity of the regulations place great challenges on all stakeholders within the medical device sector. Both the regulatory landscape and latest technologies are in constant motion. Regulations, directives guidelines, standards keep getting revised or updated and development of technologies is now moving really quick. Authorities and notified bodies need to establish long term strategies to ensure that they can meet the future need for certifications and surveillance.

For us as consultants, we see a fantastic possibility to contribute with our solution-oriented knowledge and at the same time learn new innovations from our clients. To further develop our own services, we completed our ISO 13485 certification in May this year. This is a great milestone for all three companies within QAdvis group, and we are now even better equipped to meet our client needs.

Now when the summer is finally here and the “to-do-list” seems long, it might be difficult to take the first step into vacation-mode. But start with clearing your desk, write a list with remaining tasks, activate autoreply and just step out to the much long awaited recovery time during this, hopefully, warm and sunny summer weeks!

Finally, and most importantly, the whole QAdvis team would like to thank all our clients, partners, and employees for a content-rich, exciting, and challenging spring. We wish you all a lovely summer and look forward to continued collaborations after the vacation.

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