Accelerating Innovation & Streamlining Compliance for Medical Devices Engineering

QAdvis is pleased to participate in an exclusive webinar designed for the Medical Device Engineering Industry on the 11th of November at 10am CET. Robert Ginsberg, QAdvis Co-Founder and COB will be one of the speakers at this webinar.


As the medical device industry becomes increasingly competitive, systems and software delivery are emerging as key value differentiators. The rigorous regulations mandated for medical devices and the inherent difficulties of system and software implementation make product development a complex challenge.


In light of these challenges, IBM in association with Nohau, MicroGenesis and QAdvis have teamed up to host a live webinar titled Accelerating Innovation and Streamlining Compliance for Medical Device Engineering. In the webinar we will discuss how Engineering Lifecycle Management solutions can accelerate the development of innovative and smart products while ensuring quality control and compliance with medical industry regulations. The webinar will focus on three strategic themes: Improve Quality, Reduce Cost of Compliance and Reduce Time to Innovation.

The webinar will take a closer look at:

  • Current trends and challenges in medical device development
  • The latest technology that makes it possible to deliver quality medical devices faster
  • Best practices and advise from industry experts


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