Update on situation with Covid-19, January 2021

The ongoing situation with Covid-19, the further extended time range on recommendations to work from home, as well as the maximum allowed number of participants in meetings/events, maintains our limitations regarding visitors in our office premises.

In order to eliminate any risk of QAdvis hosted events, keeping both employees, clients and colleagues protected from possible infections, QAdvis have decided to extend the time range on offering our courses and breakfast seminars remotely until August 2021.

The current situation has led to several solutions where remote work, courses and communication is possible, and QAdvis can continue to offer our services without interruption.

Our offices in Lund and Kista are open but with very limited on-site personnel and we hope the situation will normalize as soon as possible. We can always be reached by phone (+46 8 621 01 05) or e-mail (info@qadvis.com).

Stay safe and healthy