Per Sundström
Senior Quality and Regulatory Consultant

Per has 20+ years of experience from the medical device & medical IT industry, from small startups to large international companies. He has extensive knowledge of product life cycle management and product development, especially with focus on software, but main competencies also include general management, business and process development. Per is exceptionally good at grasping complex scenarios and transform these into innovative solutions and plans, and is usually described as goal oriented, energetic and enthusiastic with a humble attitude.

Per holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Lund Institute of Technology and is a member of the Swedish national standardization committee for IEC 80001-1 and related standards.

“How can we develop products faster with shorter deadlines and increasing regulatory requirements?”
”Over the years I have seen that if you early on work through requirements, pay attention to risk analysis, keep options open as long as possible and plan for change it will always pay off at the end of projects so my recommendation is: “Think slow – Act fast – Embrace Change!”