Ferenc Dahnér
Senior Quality and Regulatory Consultant

Ferenc has over 15 years’ experience of quality and regulatory management including product development, and authoring and review of medical device labeling. Ferenc also has a long experience with global regulatory requirements including product registrations. Ferenc is perceived as communicative and professional in his roles. With his long and broad experience he easily grasps new issues and finds constructive “outside the box” solutions. He is well versed in the regulatory requirements and has a talent to find the least burdensome approach.

“A lot of companies have excellent quality management systems in a binder on the shelf, but many seem to have problems getting a genuine acceptance and compliance throughout the organization. What is your advice to avoid this when setting up a quality management system?”
”I think that it all comes down to being humble and showing people respect and give them acknowledgement for their competency by involving them in the work. Even though you´re hired because of your knowledge in QA it doesn’t mean that you know everything. If you try to tell experienced employees how to do their job they will naturally be offended. So help THEM implement a QMS system by supporting them with regulatory knowledge, instead of telling them what to do. When you think of it, its common sense. Isn´t it?”